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About Us

Professional yet Personal

What’s the first thing you look for in a home contractor? Someone who knows their stuff, right? Well, when it comes to home insulation services, we know our stuff. Along with years of experience installing insulation in Central and Southern Maine, we’re certified by the Home Performance industry’s leading accreditation agency, Building Performance Industry (BPI).

However, at Advanced Spray Foam, we believe experience alone is not enough. We’re a part of the Maine community and make every effort to improve and contribute to it. Our contribution--keeping you warm in the winter and cool during those rare heat waves, while lowering your energy costs. We treat each home as our own, making sure to identify its specific needs and get the most out of each homeowner’s budgets.

The Whole-House Concept

We approach each home as one unique, interconnected network of systems, systems that range from the insulation in your walls to your family’s activity within the home. Ideally all of your home’s systems work in perfect harmony, saving you money while increasing in home comfort and safety. Obviously this is almost never the case, and insulation is often a main cause of inefficient, uncomfortable homes. As detrimental as poor insulation is, it provides a huge opportunity for vast improvements to home comfort.

That’s where we step in; we diagnose insulation issues at their source and install high performance spray and cellulose insulations. We don’t just cover up problems, we solve them. Our work contributes to a home’s robustness and longevity while increasing comfort and efficiency for years to come.

Our sister company is Central Maine Heat Pumps.  We install the most efficient heat pumps on the market.  From installs to consultations, we approach each project with honesty and integrity, putting safety and customer service first on our list of priorities.

If you like to learn more about what our services can do for you, visit our service pages or contact us today!