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Air Sealing

 Andy Myer of Efficiency Maine explains about air sealing.


Do you have control of your home’s air?

If you have leaks in your walls, basement, attics, crawlspaces or windows, you are flushing expensive, treated air out of your house and welcoming cold, untreated air in.  We are experts at identifying where leaks, gaps and voids are and sealing them. Air sealing and insulation act as a one-two punch in the fight against pesky winter drafts. We have the specialized tools and experience to find your home’s leaks and patch them, giving you greater control of your home’s air and climate.

Where we look for leaks:

A typical home has many air leaks which go unnoticed. Once found, they are easy to patch and make an immense difference for heating and cooling costs. Here are some areas we commonly check for leaks:

  • Floors and Walls

  • Attics and Ceilings

  • Recessed Lights

  • Duct Work

  • Furnace Flue

  • Plumbing Stack

  • Windows and Doors

Why air sealing is so important:

A leaky home creates what is known as the stack effect or the stack effect. Air creeps in through leaks in the basement and rises up through leaks in your floorboards. Once it begins to warm up it rises farther in the house until it reaches the attic. If the attic is not sealed off from the rest of the house, air will continue to rise into it and then out through the roof. Air sealing and insulation are very important in the attic as they stop heated air from leaving the house and protect against the transfer of heat into the roof, which can cause ice dams. Air sealing impedes this effect and keeps treated air in rather than cycling new air in through the basement.

At Advanced Spray Foam, we believe in pairing air sealing services with insulation upgrades, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the insulation product and to create a more comfortable and more energy efficient home for you and your family.

If you’d like to learn more about Air Sealing or any of our other services, please contact us today!