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Basement Insulation

Insulation Starts in the Basement

The basement is the main area where cold air finds its way into a home’s lived in areas. Cold air seeps in through leaks in the foundation or insulation and then rises up through the floorboards of a home. Insulating and air sealing a basement stops the flow of air and mold-causing moisture.

Don’t Forget Your Basement

While attic insulation is important for stopping expensive, treated air from escaping your home, basement insulation stops unwanted air from making it into the home. It is very important to insulate each of these areas properly, but with both insulated you’re increasing your home’s efficiency and comfort on both sides of the issue.

We Can Help

Our first area of focus in a basement is air and moisture control. We want to eradicate the sources of moisture that lead to mold growth and path any air leaks that lead directly into the home or the outdoors. We then use spray foam insulation to further patch up any leaks and sources of moisture. This insulation is adhesive, moisture resistant and expands to fill open cavities.















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