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Crawlspace Insulation

Crawlspaces cause the same headaches for home comfort, durability and efficiency that basements and attics create. If improperly sealed and insulated, they can also be detrimental to indoor air quality and a home for rodents and mold.

What’s hiding in your crawlspace?

Hopefully good air sealing and insulation. If not, we’re here to help. We diagnose any issues your crawlspaces might have, from air leaks to moisture and mold problems, and solve them with high quality materials and service. We aim to seal up crawlspaces so that no air can leak in or out of them. This improves indoor air quality by keeping stale and stagnant air out of your home. It also improves your comfort by keeping your warm air in and cold outdoor air out.

Services for crawlspaces:

We use spray foam insulation for crawlspaces. Spray foam is resistant to vermin and moisture, which is essential for these spaces. While old, pink batt insulation is cheap and effective in some areas of a home, it falls short in crawlspaces. It is susceptible to decay from condensation and other moisture sources. We blow in a layer of insulation on the floor as a radiant barrier and use spray foam to fill voids in the wall and resist the creation of condensation.

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