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Home Energy Audits

A Home Energy Audit from Advanced Spray Foam is our recommended first approach to any home performance project. If you’re interested in saving on your energy bills and improving the comfort of your Maine home, it’s best to start with a thorough and professional audit. Our comprehensive home energy audit identifies the most effective solutions and opportunities for energy savings through insulation, air sealing.

What is an Energy Audit?

A Home Energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your entire home, including all of its separate systems and how they work together. We are looking for any opportunity in your home to identify the most cost-effective options for energy savings. As BPI-trained home energy specialists we are experts in the “whole home” approach and follow this approach when making energy-saving recommendations.

What are the benefits of an Energy Audit?

There are many benefits to getting a home energy audit. A full evaluation of your home can help us understand where there is opportunity for tightening your home’s “envelope” and will give you a list of recommendations for the most effective ways to upgrade your home. It is the first step to improving your home in many ways including:

● Improve the home’s comfort

● Improve indoor air quality

● Decrease noise from outside

● Increase the resale value of the home

● Help protect our environment and natural resources

● Increase safety

For more information about our energy audits, or to schedule a FREE home evaluation today, give us a call.  Our Falmouth office number is 699-6793.  The Benton office is 207-699-6792.

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