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Unfortunately, insulation falls under the category of “out of sight, out of mind” for most homeowners. There’s more to insulating your home than installing those pink fiberglass strips in your wall and then turning the heat up when it gets cold--much more. Our insulation services, which focus on the entire building envelope from the walls to the windows, attics and crawlspaces, reduce home energy consumption in addition to improving the overall comfort of your home. We diagnose your home’s specific weaknesses and provide solutions that help you to take control of the airflow within your home.

Spray Foam

When it comes to staying warm during a harsh Maine winter, spray foam insulation is a must. As Mainers, we pride ourselves in our ability to take sub zero temperatures, stiff winds and blizzards in stride. We know how to dress when it’s 0 degrees and snowing sideways. At Advanced Spray Foam, we know how to dress your home for the elements. In addition to insulating, spray foam also air seals and resists moisture. It has the highest insulating value per inch of any available insulation product. We use it in basements, attics, walls and anywhere else that we find strong drafts. It expands to fill and seal cavities, keeping out unwanted air, moisture and vermin.  And on those three hot days in summer, your home will be kept cool, too.


We like cellulose insulation for a few reasons--it’s economical, it’s environmentally friendly, it’s fire retardant and it’s mold resistant. It is made from recycled newspaper and is treated with a natural fire retardant, boric acid, which also makes it mold and pest resistant. There are two main ways we use it:


  • Dense Packing: Cellulose is blown into walls or other cavities and acts as a traditional insulant, resisting air infiltration and heat transfer.

  • Loose Fill: Spread across attic or crawlspace floors to add an extra layer of insulation and resist air flow from living spaces to non-living spaces.

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