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Residential Rebates:

For residential customers Efficiency Maine is offering up to $1500 rebates through the Home Energy Savings Program on the installation of eligible insulation measures. 

Some of the measures are:

  • Up to $500 for air sealing. (if done with any other measure)

  • Up to $700 for attic insulation.

  • Up to $700 for wall insulation.

  • Up to $700 for basement insulation.

  • Up to $500 for Mini Split Heat Pump.

The rebate total is $5000 per residence and you can pick and choose which ones you want to use.

The only stipulation to these rebates is that you must not have participated in the previous HESP program in the property that you are looking to do the measures on. That does not apply to appliance rebates. Only if you received an insulation rebate. If there is any question as to weather you did or not we would be glad to check the database for you. We wouldn't want you to loose out on any eligible rebates.

It is extremely easy for our customers to obtain this rebate. After the install is complete and we have a paid invoice we do all the paperwork required for you to receive the rebate. Our office staff will complete forms and scan the paperwork to Efficiency Maine along with a courtesy copy to you. Efficiency Maine will process the rebate and you will receive a check. Generally within 2 to 4 weeks depending on their workload.

Efficiency Maine may or may not contact you to come out and do a site visit to inspect the work that was performed.

In addition to Efficiency Maine incentives, Maine homeowners may be eligible for additional incentives from natural gas utilities, including Unitil, Summit, and Maine Natural Gas.

Please contact us if you would like more information.