Central Maine (207) 512-2408

Oakland, Maine

Kevin W.

Good morning Dawn.

Awesome job! 

I wanted to let you know that each and every one of your employees was professional and courteous, and Kim and I could not be happier with the end result!  All those trucks in my driveway was impressive and each member of your crew, and electrical subcontractor, worked diligently and steady and were very willing to answer any questions I had.  I have already noticed a difference in the basement, and look forward to using the heat pump for the first time. I keep going down in the basement to stare at my walls and heat pump water heater…..I know, weird right?  Kim kept telling me that last night….hahaha.  (men are really quite simple, and it doesn’t take much sometimes J)

We are having dinner with the parents of our future son-in-law on Saturday night, and they want to come see the work that was done, as they are considering having similar work done. You can be sure that they will hear nothing but great things.   CMHP and Advance Spray Foam have earned my loyalty and trust, and you can count on many great referrals and recommendations in the future!

 Thanks again Dawn!